Five people that I know have been impacted by a cancer diagnosis in the last couple years. A doctor told one of them that two out of every three men will face it in their lifetime and one out of every three women will. I’m not trying to bum you out but the reality is that this is a horrible disease that effects many people. And while great strides have been made in fighting it in recent years, there is still no cure. To be honest, I really didn’t think that much about it before it became a reality in the lives of people that I care about and I bet many of you are the same. So here is my plea to you. Help in any way you can. Think twice before shrugging off a donation request. Participate in local events that raise research funds. Personally help a cancer survivor with things that they are struggling with… could be as simple as mowing their lawn for them. Or maybe you could organize a poker run to benefit someone fighting cancer. That’s what some did for one of the five I talked about above. Today we rode for her and raised a decent amount of money to help with medical bills. I hope it helps. I’ll be looking for more ways to help and I hope this RANT will inspire you to do the same.

OK… that was the serious side of this RANT and now on to the not-so-serious. This was the first real ride I’ve made on the new Sporty. I clocked about 120 miles and of course there are big differences from the Electra Glide I just got rid of. I’ve had Sportsters and other smaller bikes in the past but I guess I had forgotten what the experience was like. Honestly, after some saddle time on the Sporty, riding the Electraglide doesn’t really seem like “real” riding at all. Yes, there is a reason why people call them the “Couch Glide” or the “Geezer Glide”… haha. I know, they have their purpose but so far I am totally digging having the wind in my face again and feeling every surface as I push a light and nimble two-wheeler through the curvies. Fun stuff and I’m loving it! The only thing I’m not happy with so far is the nerdy stock look… but that will be changing soon! Stay tuned.

Oh… and before one of my wiseguy friends says something… that is not a real vanity plate.

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