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I made my way to Gateway Classic Cars of Nashville this morning for their monthly cruise-in and wandered around for an hour or so. There were a lot of classic beauties to drool over in the parking lot… as well as inside via the huge inventory in Gateway’s massive climate-controlled showroom. One of the cars that showed up outside (via trailer) was this “racecar-looking” Ford Fairlane. I’d seen the car before but today I took the time to talk to the owner.

I didn’t know it but this car is a rare classic and is one of only 110 produced… by Ford! No joke… Ford built this car. It’s not like a Yenko Camaro or such where a dealer was authorized to hotrod factory cars, this is a 1964 Ford Fairlane Thunderbolt and came straight from the factory pretty much as you see it here, race ready. Crazy!!! Ford included a fiberglass front clip, rear racing slicks, a H.I. Riser 427 and more. It was so scary fast that potential purchasers had to document that they were legit racers before Ford would even sell them one. (Many had to bring newspaper clips of their victories to the dealership in order to verify they could handle this beast!)

The current owner showed me tons of documentation he has that verifies this car is the real deal. According to him, the first 10 were produced in this maroon color and the rest in white. This is actually number 25, so it was originally white, but a PO converted it to the maroon color when he repainted it. It’s in immaculate condition.

I certainly enjoyed seeing this car and grabbing a few cellphone pix of it but I also learned a good lesson today. When you’re at a cruise-in… don’t just wander and look. Talk to the owners and get the story on these vehicles. You just might get an education… like I did today on the Ford Thunderbolt!