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Here’s a sneak peek at a photo shoot I did last weekend. This bike and images from this shoot will be featured in a regional magazine very soon. I love this bike… something about it just screams attitude.



I got to photograph this way cool ’84 Shovelhead last weekend. The bike is owned and was built by Middle Tennessee’s own Mr. Sins (fabricator and painter) and I think everything on it is modified in some way. One of my favorite parts though is the 1976 SuperGlide tank. Sins got this tank from his dad and he can actually remember riding around the yard with his dad on his bike, while he sat on this tank when he was a kid. What a cool two-wheeled legacy!

Here’s the details on the rest of Sins work: WideGlide front end, SuperGlide rear fender, ’56 Sporty tail lights (filled), Sporty bars, SU Carb, Motor is Stroked, S&S Rods and Flyweights, Branch Heads, 5 Speed Trans, Paint: Blue Steel Metal Flake/Vivid Black / White Stripes.