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It’s definitely winter time here in Middle Tennessee! A far cry from what some other parts of the country are facing, but we are looking at lows in the 20s for the next week and the possibility of snow on Monday. That’s pretty drastic for mid November around here.

I’ve always kept my motorcycles and classic vehicles on battery tenders throughout the year but since I haven’t had the Vette all that long, so far it’s been “tenderless”… if that’s a word! And since it is juiced by an Optima REDTOP battery, it’s always been in the back of my mind that I’d love to have an Optima Digital 400 to maintain it. Well, today I dropped by Tennessee Speed Sport and gave myself an early birthday present.

This thing is way cool. It first analyzes your battery to see where it’s at and checks for proper connection. Then, if necessary, it will do a soft-ramp charge if the battery is deeply discharged. If not it automatically goes into bulk mode or conditioning mode as needed, followed by a float mode. It even has a recondition mode that kicks in every 30 days… though I do not plan to keep my car parked anywhere near that long.

To top it off (no pun intended), it has an easy to use push button menu and a cool “fuel gauge” that let’s you know the charging status at a glance. All this adds up to a pretty high-tech and intelligent tender. Happy birthday to me!