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Some of you may remember a RANT I posted back on January 24th about the indoor motocross event I attended in Shelbyville, Tennessee. That night I didn’t get a lot of pictures but I did shoot a little video with the point-and-shoot. Thought I would put a 30 second clip together for you to check out.

BTW… anybody been watching Supercross this season? My fav rider James Stewart is dominating… having won every race but the first one, where he crashed out. The dude is awesome to say the least. There are still a few weeks to go in the season so check it out on SPEED channel… good stuff!


Please watch both of the identical videos below and tell me which looks better to you… YouTube or Vimeo. You can email me or use the comment link at the bottom of this post.


1Last night I headed south out of Nashville to the town that country music star Miranda Lambert shot her video “Famous in a Small Town” in. But Shelbyville, Tennessee is not just the video home to the girl who gave us huge hits like “Kerosene”, “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” and “Famous in a Small Town”… it is also home to the Calsonic Arena which among other things hosts a Victory Sports Indoor Motocross event each January.

Sorry Miranda but on this night your small town belonged to Motocross racers. And there were all types. I saw races with guys, girls, 4 year olds, 40+ year olds and every age group in between. There were even ATV (4-wheeler) races. It was an awesome event and I can’t say enough what a fantastic job Victory Sports did in presenting a family oriented fun event.

Of course there is more to this than just fun. The riders in the PRO classes, coming from all over the mid-south, are most definitely out to WIN and there were some great finishes in these classes that left no doubt about it. You can check out the series point standings at if you are interested. On this night Robbie Horton grabbed the top of the podium in the 450 Pro Class and Chris Osborne narrowly got the victory in the 250 Pro Class. To borrow from Miranda… those 2 guys were definitely “Famous in a Small Town” last night!


I had intended to get a bunch of pictures but in a bonehead move… I forgot to charge up the batteries to my Canon. I fired two shots (posted here) and that was it! But here’s an idea… instead of looking at my non-existent pictures, go check out a local MX event for yourself. I promise you will have a great time!


blog012009Photo courtesy of Transworld Motocross.

Supercross season is in full swing now and after three weeks of competition there have been some interesting developments. That’s not what this RANT is about… but Supercross does indirectly inspire it. You see, this time of year I read a lot about off road riding and I came across a story not long ago that is worth bringing to my little spotlight.

Most people aren’t aware that there is a Women’s Motocross Association. Yes, girls can race dirt bikes too… and they are darn good at it! But one of these pro racers stands out to me. Not so much for her many accomplishments on the track… but more for the inspiration her life is.

Ashley Fiolek started riding when she was 7 years old. In 2004 she won the 9-13 class on her 85cc Honda at Loretta Lynn’s… the most prestigious amateur event in the nation… and by the time she was 17, she had earned the 2008 WMA Pro National Championship. But all of these accomplishments are magnified when you find out that Ashley is profoundly deaf. Imagine racing at a pro level without being able to hear your bike… relying purely on feel. It is an amazing and completely inspirational story. In life so many times we are prone to say “I can’t” but obviously Ashley has not let her circumstances dictate what she can and can’t do. I applaud her and now consider myself a HUGE Ashley Fiolek fan! Check the video below from RedBull… and you can visit Ashley’s website by CLICKING HERE.



As anybody who reads this RANT knows, I absolutely hate winter. So much so that I have affectionately named the period in Middle Tennessee between November 1st and February 28th the “Dark Months”. It’s that time of year when it’s cold, wet and dark… and therefore not very conducive to riding motorcycles. Sometimes I wonder if I will make to March 1st without going stir crazy but I always seem to somehow survive the Dark Months… and one of the things that pulls me through is the AMA Supercross Season.

While not one of the most popular motor-sports, it is in my book, the most exciting… particularly if you ride. Imagine if you will… a baseball or football stadium converted to a mini motocross track with riders going faster and jumping higher than they should on two wheels. The competition is fierce to say the least and most motorcycle enthusiasts that watch one race are instantly hooked.


This 2009 Season starts in Anaheim, California on January 3rd and this year promises to be one of the best. First of all, the top riders are all healthy and secondly, a few of the top Lites riders will be moving up to Supercross this season, creating even greater competition.

There are lots of changes as well. My favorite rider and long time Kawasaki pilot James “Bubba” Stewart finds himself riding a blue Yamaha in 2009, last years champion Chad Reed has moved from Yamaha to the Rockstar Makita Suzuki team (Ricky Carmichael’s old stomping grounds) and Monster Energy Kawasaki has moved Lites dominator Ryan Villopoto up to the big show and he will be riding Supercross for the first time ever.

All the races will be televised (delayed) by CBS or SPEED so check your local listings, set the DVR and let Supercross pull you through the Dark Months!