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The Dark Months have been up and down here in Middle Tennessee. Ice storms followed by temps in the 60’s are probably why I’ve contracted 2 head colds already this winter. But, I’m not complaining. I’ll gladly tolerate some harsh weather if it calms down every few days. That’s much better than the extended periods of doom and gloom we’ve had in the past.

Today was January 26, and by all accounts right smack dab in the heart of the Dark Months. The good news is that and we were blessed with sunshine all day long and temps in the upper 40s. To make things even better, our local H-D dealership (Bumpus Harley-Davidson of Murfreesboro) held an indoor mini tattoo convention, so I drove Otis down to check out the festivities. I saw some fantastic artwork and got to combine three of my favorite things in the process, Old Trucks, Harley’s and Ink. I snapped the pic above of Otis in the parking lot.

I even got back early enough to get the Sporty out for a bit before nightfall. Put about 30 miles on it before returning to the house. Frankly, the cold was pretty painful! But, it was a blast and I’m happy to say, the Eagle is still Screamin’!









So my Sporty Project has been on somewhat of a “hold” lately, due to a lot of work being done on the Stepside. But out-of-site, does not mean out-of-mind. There are still some things I want to get done and I’ve been thinking about it a lot this week. Vintage white grips (like these) are coming soon… and I think I may have found the answer to my plain tank. Initially, I had just planned on having a buddy do a little pin-striping but I found the bike pictured below on the Harley-Davidson “Dark Custom” website.


The bike is owned by a cat in Wisconsin who IMHO has really good taste! I freakin’ love this tank graphic. Something similar may be in order. Maybe not gold-leaf per se, but something with this feel and vibe would be cool. What do you think? I already have a couple ideas for what it might say.






A buddy and I braved the cold and wet weather here in Middle Tennessee today… and got out on two wheels for a bit. This was the first time I’d had the Sporty out of the garage in a couple months and it was quite liberating! I thought I had a major problem at one point. I was tooling down the highway and my speedo started bumping from 60mph to 0 mph, back and forth… and every time the speedo hit 0, the bike would sputter and cough. Upon investigation, I discovered the positive battery cable was barely hanging onto the battery. Not sure how it got so loose but I’m glad it was nothing more serious!

On our way back home we stopped in to visit our friends at Bumpus Harley-Davidson in Murfreesboro, Tennessee where this beautiful Russian-built Ural Sidecar greeted us. It seems the good folks at Bumpus have become a Ural dealer. This thing is way cool. This particular model is the “Gear Up” which features the Ural 749cc OHV Air-cooled, 4-stroke Boxer engine. It’s a shaft drive with 4-speed tranny (plus 1-reverse) and features a Brembo full-floating front disc brake. Oh… and it also features “on-demand” 2-wheel drive, making it an off-road demon… as demonstrated in the video below. Like I said before… way cool! MSRP is $13,949… contact Tom at Bumpus Harley-Davidson for more details. (No… I don’t work for them! Haha)















The good people at Both Barrels Promotions, here in Middle Tennessee, held their annual Flat Track Races last Sunday. This is one of my favorite motorcycle events of the year. Here’s a few pics… maybe next year I’ll be on a ride!



I’ve been living in Tennessee for 22 years but had never made a visit to Coker Tire in Chattanooga… until yesterday. The legendary tire and wheel company supplies authentic, reproduction tires and wheels to classic car and motorcycle enthusiasts around the world. If you are in the area, it’s worth a stop for the free tour. Here are some pics for those who can’t make it!

Legendary name…

The Coker family saved Honest Charley Speed Shop.

A hand signed standup from original Miss Hurst… Linda Vaughn.

Corky Coker is all about bikes too.

Honest Charley Rat Rod… The only Rat Rod I saw on the premises.

1903 Excelsior Auto Cycle

The famous Double Exposure 32 Roadster… you’ve probably seen this car on TV.

Wrong brand… but cool signs. 🙂

This original Indian neon is huge… Id’ say about 15′ x 20′.

Another you’ve probably seen on TV.

These are all barn-finds… in the front is a 1968 Camaro Rally Sport convertible. All original. WOW!

Wheel blanks…

I was not supposed to go in the shop but… I snuck this photo. See that huge lathe? This guy is actually cutting wheels…and I was told, he is the only guy in the country that still does this.

Ever heard of a Nyberg? Me either until this day. I was told that this model was manufactured in Chattanooga in the early 1900’s and there are only three remaining in the world.



I made my way to the local H-D dealership this afternoon to see the 2013 models revealed. Look close at the pic above and you’ll see my junkyard dog at the back of the pack in the parking lot. There was some nice stuff, and if you are interested, you can CLICK HERE to see the new models. (The new Bold Metal Flake finishes are smokin!) But… as is typical… the bike that really caught my eye was outside in the parking lot. I’m not normally a fan of the Softail but this ’03 has just the right amount of old-school vibe to make it way-cool! I love the minimalist approach, rounded old-school look rear fender, old-school seat, and big-ole wide bars. But I’m like that…



Thought I would share one of my latest creations. I was hired to create the show poster for an upcoming Middle Tennessee indoor motorcycle race. This will be a good time… if you are close, come on out for the fun!