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My intent was to get out and do a little riding today but guess what… more rain in Nashville. So, as is often the case… my alternate plan involved the local coffee shop and my lap-top. And… since I got my copy of the July 2010 Cycle World in the mail yesterday, I brought it along also.

Being somewhat of a writer myself, I almost always look for the editorials first and in this issue there is a great one on page 12 by Mark Hoyer entitled “Risk Management”. It kind of goes along with my RANT from May 23rd (IT DAWNED ON MY THAT I WAS A “SQUID”) and deals with the whole issue of AGATT (All Gear All The Time).

In the February 2010 issue, Cycle World featured a picture on the cover of a rider in protective jacket and full face helmet but only wearing a pair of jeans. Well, a certain reader took this as nothing short of an act of irresponsibility by Cycle World and let them know it.

“It’s IRRESPONSIBLE to show anyone riding a bike with jeans on. I don’t care how ‘cool’ the bike is.”

Of course this started a battle of what’s right and what’s wrong on the Cycle World Facebook page… as it always does in any forum… but what caught my attention is how Mr. Hoyer addressed all of this in his column.

Here is what Mr. Hoyer has wisely concluded:

As for me? I measure and consider the risk every time I ride a motorcycle. I consider the weather, the time of day, the motorcycle and the roads. I plan to ride. And I consider myself. Am I tired, distracted or feeling in any way out of sorts? Sometimes I wear my Aerostich Roadcrafter when it’s too hot for an Aerostich. Sometimes I do the unthinkable and dress for fashion on my ’54 Velocette, riding in an open-face helmet, sunglasses and a waxed-cotton Belstaff jacket, a riding garment without one piece of armor or space-age, abrasion-resistant fiber. Why? Because it feels good to be out there. Being out there is why we don’t take the car. We all choose how far we want to go out there, every time we ride. Keep making the right choice. Your own.

I couldn’t agree more. We are all ultimately responsible for our own decisions in this matter… and I highly recommend that you pick up a copy of the magazine and read the entire article. Great stuff from Cycle World!