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I was working today so I didn’t get to a chance to get out and ride in the beautiful weather we had. I did however stop by the local H-D dealership for a minute and they were giving away these 24×36 posters of Marisa Miller. It’s a part of Harley-Davidson’s “Salute to the Millitary” campaign and I love the retro look! I have always been a fan of “Nose Art” and the old “Pinup Style” of  WWII… I’ve done a few shoots in this style before but I would love to do an entire calendar like this one day. I don’t know why everything I like is old-school, but it is for some reason. Guess I’m just an old fool at heart!

BTW… I also scored a new H-D T-Shirt sent to me by a family member in Cody, Wyoming. An orange one… my favorite. Happy Birthday to me!