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What’s the deal with all the haters? I just read through a thread on a well-known car-related forum, where a majority of the posts were ripping the Gas Monkey boys a new one. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Gas Monkey Garage is located in Dallas, Texas and a film crew has been following them around, producing a “reality” show called “Fast ‘N Loud” for the Discovery Channel. For whatever reason, a lot of the good-ole-boys are not happy about it. I’ve heard the bashing in several other places as well… and frankly, I just don’t get it. Why is it that every time someone gains a little success and notoriety in the automotive/motorcycle industries, people start taking pot shots? The same thing happened with the Teutuls on “American Chopper” a few years ago. That show single-handedly brought more attention to the custom bike industry than anything probably ever has, and yet… bashing Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. became the “hip” thing to do among the bike-builder pack. And, now it’s happening again with Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman. I don’t care if you like the guys (or rather, their TV images) or not, if you own a car-restoration business, you ought to be thrilled that people across the world can tune in every week and realize the fact that their dream car is in fact doable and attainable. People buy custom cars and motorcycles on emotion, and the Gas Monkey guys are fueling the fire. Stop looking the gift-horse in the mouth and take advantage of the exposure that these guys you hate so much are giving your business for free! Then get out there and work your ass off to put out the baddest vehicles you can come up with. Maybe your ego can’t take the fact that they are on TV and you aren’t… but the fact is, “Fast ‘N Loud” is good for the industry.