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Last night I completed my third workout of the week. Honestly, I wasn’t thrilled about the thought of torturing myself for another hour of my life but I was a good little boy and resisted the urge to blow off the gym and go for a ride. There was a bright side to it though… other than all that good health stuff. When I finished, I dragged my worn-out body to the parking lot where my truck was parked… but before I got to the Swag-mobile I noticed this beauty parked nearby.



A primo condition Honda CBR1000F. Not sure what year it was but based on the trim my best guess would be that it was a ’93 model. You don’t see many 16 year old sport bikes that are this nice. A real gem for sure!

An interesting side note is that this model is equipped with the factory Linked Breaking System that Honda introduced in 92. The official name for it was the Dual Combined Brake System. I’ve never ridden a bike equipped with DCBS but the idea was that front brake lever operates the front calipers but also proportionally applies the rear brake, while the rear brake engages one front calipers.