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Sparks were flying today! If you are wondering why… check out the photo HERE. My bud Scooter cut out the bad parts and welded in the good parts. Here’s a shot after the passenger-side fender-ectomy.

The fender patches from LMC were a little inconsistent but Scooter is a talented dude… and made them fit like a glove. Below is the passenger-side patch tacked into place.

Here’s the drivers-side patch completed. Gonna look great!




Maybe you are getting tired of posts about my truck? Sorry! I can’t help it This project is in full swing now and I am super-excited! And… I feel really blessed to have good friends who are good at this stuff… and more importantly, willing to help out. Here’s what went down today:

The hood that came on the truck was a mess. Nearly the entire front and right side were nothing but body putty so a replacement was in order. We pulled the old one off and put the replacement on. I never thought this job would be possible with just 2 guys but somehow we managed. Below is an example of why it needed to be swapped out.

Here’s the replacement hood installed. BTW, that is red oxide primer on it… not the “red” the truck will end up as.

And… below is a picture telling the tale of why the rear portions of the front fenders will need replacing. Whoooweee!

Next up… was getting the bed primed.

So… what color is this truck going to be anyway? What? Ford RED!!!! Yep… ‘fraid so. My buddy Scooter “con”vinced me that it was the best red to use. Hmmm… I think he pulled one over on me.

Well… maybe he is right… looks pretty rich.

Too late now…

OK… I have to admit… this is going to look killer… and just how I had hoped. Just don’t tell anyone my Chevy truck has FORD paint on it!



Today was a great day in the life of my truck! Some good progress was made… and I couldn’t be more excited. This thing is actually starting to transform into what I want it to be. Pretty exciting stuff!

First thing was getting the holes in the floor of the cab patched. They weren’t that bad… but there was a fairly decent hole from a previous transmission, and a couple other minor spots on the passenger side.

Next… and with the help of a couple of cool dudes… the bed was removed and sanding of the entire truck commenced.

The inside of the bed was coated with Rustoleum bed liner… courtesy of my buddy Scooter.

This is how we left it this evening. It may not look like it but a lot was accomplished today!



Today I got the new seat belts in the ’66 Stepside. My buddy Scooter donated them to the cause and they look and work mighty fine! I also did some general cleaning and such. There are so many things that I love about this truck. One of those things is the old-school tail-gate chains. I can remember vividly, back when I was about 4 years old, when my dad taught me what these were and how they worked on his late 50s Chevy pickup. I thought it was a pretty cool system and was pretty proud that I knew how they worked. It’s funny what you remember in life.



Got a little more accomplished on the ’66 Stepside this weekend. A very good thing was that we discovered what was making the brakes grab and pull to the right. The inner axle seal, on the right rear, was leaking onto the brake pads… making a gooey mess. My buddy Dale took care of it by cleaning things up and replacing the seal. Thought I’d grab a pic of the innards while the differential cover was off.

One thing I’m discovering quickly… is that the parts on these old trucks (or at least mine) are sometimes a mystery. Found that out with the carb, the column, speedo cable and now with the gasket for the diff cover. I’m not sure what this rear end is out of, but the gasket that ended up fitting was for a later model Chevelle. It’s a 12-bolt pattern while all the parts houses list a 10-bolt pattern for the 1966 C-10. Go figure.

My buddy Dale also installed a couple of wheel studs to replace a missing one and a broken one. I’m such a rookie at all this stuff and I’m so thankful to have friends that are willing to help me out. I’m learning a lot and having some buddies involved (that know what they are doing) makes not having my dad around to help out a little easier to tolerate… and a little less lonely. Man, I can’t believe how much I miss him!

More to come soon… The truck should be on the road very soon!



Last week when I picked up my new (used) column, the vintage steering wheel was missing the center cap. After pricing them at LMC for $55, I decided that my steering wheel would just be missing its center cap. But guess what. While wandering the Redneck Rumble Car Show & Swap Meet this weekend, I found this one staring me in the face. It’s not perfect but I can clean it up pretty nice… and it was only 3 BUCKS! Nice score!



Christmas in September? Well… not quite but I did score some cool stuff tonight. I’ve been searching the country (literally) for a manual steering gear box for the ’66 Stepside and have had little to no luck. As it turns out, a guy that is only about 30 miles from my doorstep had one so a buddy and I ran out there to check it out. It doesn’t look like much but it functions perfectly. A little soap and water, followed by some black rattle can and it will do nicely! While we were there, I also grabbed an original steering column with a super-nice stock steering wheel… another thing I’ve been hoping to find. It was a good night!