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Today I got the new seat belts in the ’66 Stepside. My buddy Scooter donated them to the cause and they look and work mighty fine! I also did some general cleaning and such. There are so many things that I love about this truck. One of those things is the old-school tail-gate chains. I can remember vividly, back when I was about 4 years old, when my dad taught me what these were and how they worked on his late 50s Chevy pickup. I thought it was a pretty cool system and was pretty proud that I knew how they worked. It’s funny what you remember in life.



Got a little more accomplished on the ’66 Stepside this weekend. A very good thing was that we discovered what was making the brakes grab and pull to the right. The inner axle seal, on the right rear, was leaking onto the brake pads… making a gooey mess. My buddy Dale took care of it by cleaning things up and replacing the seal. Thought I’d grab a pic of the innards while the differential cover was off.

One thing I’m discovering quickly… is that the parts on these old trucks (or at least mine) are sometimes a mystery. Found that out with the carb, the column, speedo cable and now with the gasket for the diff cover. I’m not sure what this rear end is out of, but the gasket that ended up fitting was for a later model Chevelle. It’s a 12-bolt pattern while all the parts houses list a 10-bolt pattern for the 1966 C-10. Go figure.

My buddy Dale also installed a couple of wheel studs to replace a missing one and a broken one. I’m such a rookie at all this stuff and I’m so thankful to have friends that are willing to help me out. I’m learning a lot and having some buddies involved (that know what they are doing) makes not having my dad around to help out a little easier to tolerate… and a little less lonely. Man, I can’t believe how much I miss him!

More to come soon… The truck should be on the road very soon!



Last week when I picked up my new (used) column, the vintage steering wheel was missing the center cap. After pricing them at LMC for $55, I decided that my steering wheel would just be missing its center cap. But guess what. While wandering the Redneck Rumble Car Show & Swap Meet this weekend, I found this one staring me in the face. It’s not perfect but I can clean it up pretty nice… and it was only 3 BUCKS! Nice score!



Christmas in September? Well… not quite but I did score some cool stuff tonight. I’ve been searching the country (literally) for a manual steering gear box for the ’66 Stepside and have had little to no luck. As it turns out, a guy that is only about 30 miles from my doorstep had one so a buddy and I ran out there to check it out. It doesn’t look like much but it functions perfectly. A little soap and water, followed by some black rattle can and it will do nicely! While we were there, I also grabbed an original steering column with a super-nice stock steering wheel… another thing I’ve been hoping to find. It was a good night!



Progress on the ’66 step-side has been slow but things are moving along. A buddy of mine is doing a lot of the mechanical work… and I’m learning how this thing is put together.

The Rochester 1-barrel now has a re-build kit installed. At first we were just going to replace the gasket between the bottom and upper halves (that was seeping a bit) but since we had it apart, we decided to go ahead and get the rebuild kit and install it. Less to worry about later maybe.

The source of the exhaust leek has been identified and a new intake gasket has been purchased and ready for installation. With the carb and manifold removed, it’s really obvious how simple this little in-line six really is. Love it!

I also purchased a new alternator for the truck since the old one had a nice crack in it, right at the top mount.

Still having a little trouble locating a manual steering gear box. Mine has quite a bit of slack in it… so I really want to replace it. The pic below shows the culprit. I have a few guys on one of my forums that promise to send me one but so far none of them has. Come on guys… help a brutha out! haha.

Yeah… I know, these pics are pretty boring. So just for fun, here’s a shot of the ’66 as it sits now. Still a long way to go… but man I love this truck.



I’ve wanted a 60-66 Chevy pickup for many years now and since I finally made the move, I’ve been like a kid who finally got that one toy he’s always wanted. I’m so excited I can hardly stand it. Little things like getting a set of seat belts for it are just a blast. Some of you may not understand… but this picture is WAY-COOL for me!



Today is Independence Day. It’s a celebration of the greatest country on the planet. Is it perfect? No. Are there some idiots in charge of things they shouldn’t be in charge of? Yep. But in the end… I still love my country. And to start the celebration… I went for my first extended drive in the 66 Stepside. Man I love this truck. Transformation will begin for real next week and I can hardly wait. I stopped by the local Non-Ethanol station in town to filler’ up on the way back and had to grab a quick pic. Ain’t she a ‘beaut!



Good grief it’s hot! I’m talking all-time-high, record setting temperatures for the Nashville area. So… unfortunately, I didn’t get near as much done on the truck this weekend as I had intended. Still, it’s a start. For starters, I yanked out the seat and cleaned things up a bit. I’m happy to report that no weak spots or surprise holes were found. The truck is pretty solid.

Since I’m not sure when it was done last… I went ahead and dropped in new plugs and plug wires. At least now I know when they were changed last and can monitor them going forward. Don’t those new wires look spiffy!

The groovy ’80s wheels that came on the truck have lock nuts but guess what? The PO had no key, so I had to use some backyard ingenuity to get them off. (I’d tell you how but then I’d be contributing to you delinquency.) These wheels will be gone soon with “steelies” taking their place.

Once I got the lock nuts off, I pulled the wheels and did a visual inspection of the drum brakes. All-in-all they are in pretty decent shape but there are a couple issues I’ll be dealing with pronto.

One of the first things I noticed about this truck when I looked at it was that the bed seemed to be loose. Upon further inspection, I discovered that there were only 2 bolts in place to secure it. I got the bed bolted down with new bolts. Look close and you can see a few of them.

Stay tuned… The fun is just beginning!



What kind of a crazy person would sell a perfectly running, late model sports car in order to buy a 46-year-old truck with surface rust, a hodge-podge paint job, no power steering, crappy drum brakes, and comparatively meager performance? Well, take a look at the guy in the photo below! I made a cross-state trip this weekend with my bud Scooter to pick up a vehicle that I’ve wanted for a long time. I searched for a long while for this ’66 Chevrolet C10 (Craigslist and eBay have become my best friends) and all I can say is… GOTCHA! I LOVE this truck… and I’m about to spend some quality time getting to know it really well. Stay tuned.


If you didn’t know, I am fanatical for 1960-1966 Chevrolet C10 pickup trucks… particularly the ’64 to ’66’s. There is something about that particular body style that just does it for me. It goes all the way back to my childhood. Of course, by the time I could walk and talk, my dad was already instilling in me the “Chevy” way… but when my Uncle Gordon took me for a ride in his new, early 60s, two-tone, red/white C10, it made an impression on a me that still resonates… 40-some years later. I recently found these cool Chevrolet promo prints on-line and had to share them. They are from November 1965 and it looks like the Custom Chrome option with side trim molding and the Custom Comfort interior option were the way to go!  Wish I could order a new one today!



I went to the local cruise in tonight… (yes, this is another car show post!) … and when I do, I am always on the lookout for Chevy and GMC trucks from 1961 to 1966. I don’t know why, but that body style speaks to me. One day I shall own one… oh yes, I shall! In the mean time, I’ll just have to drool over those that belong to others… like this 62 model. Straight six, three-on-the-tree… what could be better? Well, maybe a short box, but other than that, this truck is pretty dang perfect, in my book. Maybe a little too perfect even. Check the last photo below… same body style, but a little more ratty. Love it!

And now… the not as perfect example, but maybe even cooler!

Wanna see more pics from this show? Click on the Facebook link below. I just posted more there.