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CHOPPER RIDING THROUGH NYC (Courtesy of Chopper Dave’s)



Although I don’t consider the Sporty done… I did take it out in public for the first time today. I dropped by the local H-D dealership and then decided to ride over to the local CMA Blessing of the Bikes. I had never been to a BOB before and it was pretty cool. I used to be very active in “church” but for the past few years have not found much there to like. That’s another story… but today it was just nice to have my bike and myself prayed over.



I got to hang out with a buddy today. He always has a cool project going and I caught him just as he was starting work on a Yamaha Maxim 550. The parts were flying off… and in a few weeks, this bike is going to look radically different. I’ll get some more pics when he is done.



Well… tonight I decided I would create some faux white letters on my rear tire. I’ve heard this discussed on various forums and also have a buddy that has done this to his bike. It sounds simple enough. You get a Duplicolor paint pen in white, or whatever color you fancy, and go to town on the outline of the existing letters on your tire. No problem… uh, well, not really. It is incredibly tedious and takes forever. Then when you are finally done, it doesn’t look all that great. It’s nearly impossible to stay on target with your tiny brush… as you can see in these pictures! Seriously kiddies… my advice would be not to try this at home unless you are a lot more precise than I am. The good news is… the farther you get away from it, the better it looks!



Last night I painted the chrome air cleaner cover on my Sporty rattle-can-black. Too much chrome is a bad thing to me. The chrome oil filter went away with last weeks oil change as well. I think some other chrome parts might disappear soon also. Stay tuned.



Last weekend I picked up a ratty old DOT helmet at a swap meet for three dollars. Tonight I transformed it into a one-of-a-kind… well, uh… ratty old helmet! First I pulled the inner shell and removed the disgusting liner. Next, off came the trim ring.

Next, I covered the entire helmet with masking tape to draw my “design” onto.

After carefully cutting my design out with a razor blade… or everywhere I wanted to paint green…

…I next peeled off my tape for all the soon-to-be green areas.

Then I painted, peeled off the leftover tape and re-applied the helmet trim ring.

Then I added a decal to add some pizazz and hide my sloppy work…

…and finally re-lined it with a bandana I had laying around.

Here’s the paint and glue I used. (Glue was for attaching bandana liner.)

Yeah… It’s sloppy and goofy looking but I like it. Total cost… less that $15



Here’s another bike that caught my eye at the Spring Thaw. The cool thing about it is… this bike was actually built in the ’70s. It’s the real-deal with a ’74 Santee frame and KZ1000 motor.



I made my way to a local bike show today. They call it the Spring Thaw and it represents the end of winter and the beginning of riding season for many of us here in Middle Tennessee. The show includes a huge swap meet as well, and for $30 bucks I scored what you see above. A low-profile mirror, a set of “coke bottle” grips, LED license plate bolts and a super-cool, old-school helmet! Of course the main draw of the Spring Thaw is the bikes… and here is one of my favorites on the day. Enjoy!



Just thought I would share some of my recent design projects with you. I did the layout on these show posters for my friends over at Both Barrels Promotions. They are GOOD people and know how to put on a great show. If you are anywhere near the Middle Tennessee area, you should attend all three of these upcoming events. (FYI: The illustration in the second poster below was hand drawn by Gary Mizar. He’s the best! Check him out at



Late night in the garage…tank’s back on.


As Garth used to say… “I Got Friends In Low Places!” …and thankfully my friend Scooter likes to help out his ‘ole buddy Swag. We were talking about rattle-can paint the other day and he mentioned that he had some Emerald Green flake lying around and some clear “poly” he needed to use up. Coincidentally, I had a tank that needed paint! So, I spent the evening at his place tonight while he delivered the goods. These pics are horrible quality, (bad camera phone) but hopefully you get the idea. He shot a metallic silver base coat and then the Emerald Green flake over it. It looks killer! Emerald Green Flake it is! (Better pix coming soon.) I’m going to have to name this bike “Scooter” since the real Scooter has done so much work on it!



This weekend was all about sanding. It’s not a lot of fun, but a necessary “evil” before paint… and I finally got it done. Since my stock tank was already painted, I didn’t take it down to the bare metal… and instead, just knocked the sheen off, roughing it up with 400 grit paper. I was careful to make sure the existing logos were sanded completely flat (they will later be primed) and followed with a round of 800 grit all over the tank. I’m not sure if you can tell from the picture below… but the result is a roughed up, dulled-out stock tank that I think (hope!) is ready for spray.

DISCLAIMER: So at this point I know that all the “real” painters out there are probably cringing but remember… my purpose is to do this on the “lo-budget” right now and also learn what the heck I am doing… so bear with me pros!

BTW… Here’s a picture for all the Harley-Davidson snobs out there who go out of their way to proclaim their bikes are 100% USA. Maybe not. This is on the bottom of my stock fuel petcock.



Crazy storms again here in Nashvegas tonight. But despite the winds, rain and pebble sized hail, I still got a bit done on the Sporty project. My license plate bracket is now mounted. I’m getting really close now to having something ride-able. Still a huge step awaits… PAINT! If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am a major tightwad and paint is going to be a bit tricky. I’m not going for an “Easter Egg” look, by any means, but I also don’t want it to look like a kindergarten finger painting. I’m not sure how this is going to go. Wish me luck!



To the naked eye… it might not look like much is getting done on the Sporty Project but the little things are adding up. I got the new re-bar sissy-bar painted black and I also painted the new speedo mount my buddy Scooter made for me and got the speedo locked down in place. It’s getting there… but I still have some major things to accomplish. I had hoped to have the bike ride-able by March 24th (Spring Thaw Bike Show Day) but I’m not sure I’m going to make it by then.



One small step for me, one giant step for the the Sporty Project… Haha! The custom taillight is now wired and actually works!



Got a lot done on the Sporty Project today… but I can’t take credit for any of it. My brother-from-another-mother, Scooter, dropped by this afternoon and we loaded the bike up and hauled it to his shop where some “real stuff” was accomplished. The rear fender is now installed, courtesy of Scooter’s mad welding skills, and after a trip to the local Gil’s Hardware store for some reinforced bar, the Sporty now sports a cool little hand-made sissy-bar. It was a good day.



Anybody who frequents this blog knows that I have labeled the period from November to February in Middle Tennessee The Dark Months. It’s that time of year when days are short, temps are cold, precipitation is rampant and good riding days are few and far between. It’s the worst time of year for those like me who depend on two-wheel trips to maintain their sanity… but I’m happy to report that I have again survived them with no major meltdown! I will admit that this year was easier than usual to take but still… as of March 1st I celebrate that the worst is over and we now move on to the best time of the year. Whoohoo… it’s the end of The Dark Months!


It was a gorgeous, sunshine-filled day in the mid 50s here in Nashvegas… so I took advantage of the great February weather to get a little more done on the Sporty Project. The major accomplishment was getting the tank pulled but before that I dropped the battery back in to check the wiring I did a couple of weeks ago. I even fired it up and rode down the road and back a few times. (Man… it was good to hear that potato-potato again!) Fatty Headlight lo and hi Beams, Speedo, Starter… everything seems to be working just fine. Now it’s on to the rear fender and paint!




I recently made my way to the local Ducati dealership here in Nashvegas. I run by there every now and then, just to take the precision Italian machinery in. I’ve never owned a Ducati but would love to change that one day. In particular, I love the looks of the “Monster” below. In fact, when I think naked bike, I think Ducati Monster. The others are just copy-cats in my book. The last photo is of the incredible “Diavel Carbon” model. 162 horsepower and 94lb-ft of torque and the throttle-cabeless Ride-by-Wire system. Oh… and lots of carbon! All for about $20K.


As a kid in the early 70s I was more concerned with mini-bikes than Harley-Davidson Sportsters. But as I’ve gotten older… that is exactly the era that I find speaking to my motorized soul. For some reason, the cars, trucks, and motorcycles from the 1970’s seem to have a personality and spirit that I identify with. I have a buddy that says he was born about 20 years too late and I find myself often feeling the same way.

So of course… when I first started hearing rumors about the Motor Company coming out with a new Sportster that goes by the name “Seventy-Two” I was, to say the least, very interested. Today I made my way down to Murfreesboro, Tennessee to check one out for myself at Bumpus Harley-Davidson.

First of all, let me say, the pictures I snapped in no way do this bike justice. You should go check one out for yourself… and let the vibe grab you in person. And that’s exactly what it did to me. It grabbed me and took me to that “lala” motorcycle land where I kind of lose touch with the reality around me. In short… this bike is way-cool and definitely captures the early 70s vibe.

Contributing to that vibe are a smaller 2.1 gallon peanut tank, a great looking 8-inch vintage-look round air cleaner cover, mini apes and laced wheels (21″ front) with whitewall tires. The bobbed rear fender is not necessarily authentic, but it still looks great.

Look for a complete review of the Seventy-Two from me very soon. Until then, enjoy these pics.



Well… I didn’t get anything real exciting accomplished on the Sporty Project this weekend but I did make a little more progress. I got the Fatboy headlight spliced in and ready to light my way. I also got the speedo flipped in its housing. I had to grind off a metal clip and some of the plastic for the reset button to clear, but mission accomplished and it’s now ready to install… as soon as I get the mounting bracket back which is being fab’d by a buddy of mine.¬† The last picture shows the approximate position the speedo will be in. Again… not real exciting stuff but any progress is good!



Saws are buzzing… Chunks of metal frame are hitting the garage floor… It’s total mayhem! Well, not really… but my buddy Scooter did drop by with his beast of a saw to take care of those pesky fender struts for me. We got the new (and longer) clutch cable installed as well. All in all, a pretty good bit of progress on the Sporty Project. I’d really like to get this done in the next few weeks.



Despite the fact that I wasn’t feeling real great this morning, I made a little more progress on the Sporty Project today. You know… the deeper I get into this… the more respect I have for the guys out there who do this on a regular basis and make it look so easy. Guys like my buddy Scooter at Both Barrels, Josh over at Confederate Customs and my Northeastern buddy Jamie Dykeman at Black Frame Cycle Projects in Sandwich, Mass (and many others) shall receive a whole new level of respect from me now that I am attempting this minor customization on my own! It ain’t easy folks… but I’m learning a lot and with any luck will finish this puppy within the next century or so…haha! It seems like there is an unexpected challenge with every step and most of them I am at a loss on how to resolve! Still… I keep plugging along and finally figure it out. I got the belt guard and the old shocks off today and the Burly Slammers installed. I also managed to get the rear fender off and started thinking about placement of the new rear fender. And speaking of challenges… that rear fender is going to be a doozy. Not sure how that’s going to work yet. Here’s some pics of today’s mayhem.