Sporty Project


After spending the last month in search of my next bike, I finally was able to locate “the one” this weekend. And honestly, I was beginning to think the day would never come! After selling the Electra Glide, I really thought it would be fairly easy to find a decent priced, used Sportster that I can play with and mildly customize but man… was I wrong. I scoured the local “Crai-zymans’s List” nearly every day and ended up on various wild-goose chases that did little more than piss me off. (Just a note: If your going to use the local “list” then answer people who inquire, stop trying to pull scams on intelligent people and show up when you say you will!) I tried “Flea-Bay” too but found that bikes are selling for ridiculous amounts this time of year. (I will never pay more than book value people!) Finally, when I was about to give up my buddy Scooter and I drug his trailer way up north of town to where we finally found a “99 Custom” that was in good shape, at a reasonable price so we brought it home. (I still owe him a tank of gas.) Thank God the search is over and I’m on to the task at hand. The first step was to take off the bags, windshield and backrest. (This weekends minor progress before and after below.) More stuff to come off soon… and some to be added. Stand by.