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Please allow me to brag on my hometown for just a minute. Widely known for county music, Nashville is much more than most people think and among other things, has a rich history in the hotrod and motorcycle culture. Those traditions continue today and there are a host of talented builders (of both the 4-wheeled and two-wheeled kind) that currently call The Music City home.

One of those talented individuals is J Ryan of Gusher Cycles. I first met J Ryan about 8 years ago at a local bike show and since then have seen him out and about once or twice a year. It’s to the point now that I look for him at any show I think he might be at… just because I know he will have something stellar on display.

Last weekend I attended a show at the Nashville Fairgrounds and sure enough, J Ryan was there with another one of his smokin’ hot creations. You’re going to have to believe me when I tell you that these photos don’t come close to accurately reproducing the gorgeous paint job on this bike (show lighting is always so awesome!) but even so, you can see that J Ryan has perfected his painting and fabrication skills to a level that most will never reach.

Take a look and then jump on over to to see more of J Ryans creations. I’m jonesin’ hard to have him paint my Sporty project bike for me and if you’re looking for custom work yourself (paint, fabrication, bars, etc.) you should definitely check out what Gusher Cycles has to offer.














The Spring Thaw! That’s what they call the motorcycle and car show that my friends over at Both Barrels Promotions do every March to kick off the “official” ridding and cruise-in season here in Nashville. It’s the show we look forward to all winter long… knowing that it signifies that the “Dark Months” are officially behind us and we can move on to more cooperative weather for our motorcycle and hot rod habits. It’s an awesome feeling… and today was the day. I never miss this show and this year brought out some real gems. These are a few of my favorites. Look for more in depth features on some of them in the near future… but for now, enjoy the re-cap.





















I love car and bike shows… probably a little too much since they seem to take up way more of my time than any normal person should allow. They are my obsession I suppose, but I just can’t help it. I love to see classic vehicles and all the things that their owners have done to preserve them. It’s educational, giving me a lot of ideas for my own projects. It’s nostalgic, reminding me of simpler times and the historical significance of the US auto and bike industries over the years. It’s therapeutic, captivating my thoughts for a few hours and allowing me to forget real-world issues and pressures that we all face in adult life. And it brings up fond memories of my youth that includes vehicles I’ve owned in years past and great times I’ve had working on them with my dad. IT’S FUN!!!

Yes… I’ve been known to wander a car or bike show from open to close many times, looking at the same vehicles over and over… but eventually the doors have to close and they kick me out for the night. Sometimes that’s when the fun starts though. I’ve noticed over the years that a lot of the best cars and bikes you will see at a show are not on the show floor but rather in the parking lot. All of the photos in this post were taken in the parking lot of shows I’ve been to. I hope you enjoy them and I also hope that the next time you’re leaving a show, you’ll keep your eyes open on the way back to the car. You might just see some of the best rides all day on the outside looking in.











All you have to do is say the words “Ducati Scrambler” and those of us who love the two-wheeled life instantly perk up. At least those of us with a few years on our tires and sufficient memory to recall earlier days. The Scrambler was Ducati’s push into the US, back when bellbottoms and wide collared shirts were the fashion and it was the epitome of the “little motorbike” that everyone wanted. By 1968 standards it had “the” sporty look, a solid frame, responsive controls, perfectly matched powerplant options of both a 250 and 350 motor… oh, and perhaps most importantly… it was cool! Despite it’s success on the street, and even on the track to an extent, Ducati decided to suspend production in 1974 bringing an end to what we all thought was the Scrambler legacy.

But hold on… not so fast! After much anticipation, Ducati introduced four new Scrambler models in 2015 (Icon, Full Throttle, Classic & Urban Enduro) to the delight of old school fans and hipsters alike. The results have been impressive and according to Revzilla, Ducati delivered 7,309 units in April of 2015 resulting in the company’s best sales month in history! This is largely due to the introduction of the new Scrambler.


As an old school kind of guy, my interest was more than peaked when Ducati started leaking information about this groovy little motorbike, so when the local Nashville Ducati dealer (Bloodworth Motorcycles) announced a factory demo day that included the Scrambler, I was all in. I signed up early and got to demo the new Scrambler on a 30 minute ride that covered everything from highway to backroads and even some good old urban bumper to bumper traffic. Here’s my take on the Scrambler.

First off, this bike is a real eye catcher. Even sitting in a line of high-powered, high dollar Ducati sport bikes, my eye instantly gravitated to the base model Icon Scrambler. It’s the perfect blend of old-school meets modern day motorcycle and practically begs you to ride it. When you first sit on the bike you will immediately notice that the handlebars are much like that of a dirt bike and you instantly get the feeling that this is a nimble and spry motorcycle. Seat height was very comfortable for my 5 foot 9 inch frame and all the controls were simple to operate and within easy reach.


Soon I was off on an adventure in the middle of a 12 bike pack. The first part of our ride took us down a stretch of interstate that allowed me to see what the 803cc motor had to offer. It did not disappoint and I was pleasantly surprised at how much torque the Scrambler had. Of course, with no wind screen, it was not the most comfortable ride at 70 miles per hour but then again, long interstate rides are not what this bike is built for. Next we made our way through 11 miles of twists and turns. This is where the Scrambler shined for me. I expected it to be a bit top-heavy under hard cornering but to my surprise it was smooth as silk and gripped the road admirably. The dirt bike “feel” was evident here again and I had no problems laying the bike over and hanging with the sport bikes in the group. The six-speed transmission and super-responsive clutch performed flawlessly and added to the fun. This road did reveal my biggest complaint about the Scrambler however. I found the tachometer to be painfully hard to read, especially when navigating sharp turns and trying to sneak a quick look at the RPMs. It’s not a deal-breaker but I hope that Ducati will address this issue going forward.

On our way back to the dealership we got caught in rush hour traffic. It lasted about 5 miles and gave me the opportunity to test out the Scrambler in a real-world situation. The bike performed great. It’s light enough to maneuver easy and has enough torque to get you out and away from tight situations. I could easily see this bike as a daily commuter but I do have to say… one drawback would have to be the hot exhaust pipe just under your right thigh. It’s positioned just where you can really feel it and on a day that saw over 90 degree temperatures, I was more than aware of it. Again… not a deal breaker but something to consider.


All in all, I’d have to say that the Ducati Scrambler is well worth a look for the rider who wants a reasonably priced (starting at $8595 MSRP) smaller, fun bike for either canyon carving or commuting. I could easily see one in my garage and I suspect that if it were there I’d probably be pulling it out more than any of the others because of it’s size and “fun” factor. Check one out for yourself!

– Looks Fantastic
– Lots of Torque
– Very Manuverable

– Poor visibility of the tach
– Warm Exhaust Pipe














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September is one of my favorite months for a few reasons. First, I can finally hop on my bike in Middle Tennessee and ride a fair distance without my brain becoming scrambled eggs from the 100+ degree heat… second, the NFL season kicks off and I still have hope that the Kansas City Chiefs may have a decent year… and third, the Redneck Rumble!

The first two I’m sure you can relate to but you may not know what the Redneck Rumble is. No, it’s not a bunch of hillbilly’s knocking each other out with moonshine jugs… it’s just one of the baddest car and bike shows with some of the coolest people anywhere in the country. Most of what you see at this show is projects built by their owners, in their own backyards. with their own hands… and the best parts they could come up with. NO TRAILER QUEENS!

My buddy Scooter over at always does a great job putting this show together and this year was no exception. Record turn-out made for a great day! Here are a few pics but you can view a ton more if you CLICK HERE.


Today I was watching the High Point motocross race on DVR and a company called GoPro ran a commercial for their HD Hero Camera. It’s a helmet cam and the quality seems pretty good. Below is the video that the commercial was taken from… check it out. The video quality is good but the experience of riding a motocross track is even better! I may have to do a review on this camera soon.


If you’ve not seen this yet you need to check it out. Jesse is still the coolest.


My new Cycle World came in the mail today and one of the first things that grabbed my attention was this full-spread ad from Yamaha. That’s my man James Stewart on the right… contemplating a 2010 Supercross Championship!

As far as I’m concerned… January is only good for one thing and that’s the kickoff of the AMA Supercross season… and tomorrow night is the night. Anaheim, California will be rockin’ with the best off-road riders in the world and if you have SPEED channel you can see all the exciting action LIVE beginning at 9:00PM (Central). Will you be watching? I CAN’T WAIT!


Since 2003 the motorcycle industry as a whole has received a huge visibility boost courtesy of The Discovery Channel’s (and later TLC’s) reality based show American Chopper. The wildly popular show chronicles the day-to-day operations of Orange County Choppers, a custom motorcycle shop located in Newburgh, New York. Of course, unless you have been under a rock for the past few years you already know this… and you also know that besides manufacturing some of the most incredibly detailed theme bikes in the world, part of what has made the show so interesting is the often tumultuous relationship between father and son owners Paul Teutul and Paul Jr. Things have gotten so bad that Paul Jr has now left OCC to launched his own design company Paul Jr. Designs.

I recently caught up with him to discuss his past with OCC, his future with Paul Jr. Designs and a few other things.


SWAG: I’ve often wondered what you were like growing up. Were you a good kid or one of those troublemakers?

PAUL: I was a pretty good kid. I hated school but loved my friends.

SWAG: What were your interests back then and what was your family life like?

PAUL: I was always very curious about how things worked and I enjoyed sports and building things. I had a pretty dysfunctional upbringing due to the fact that my father was a heavy drinker. Only by the grace of God am I.

SWAG: At what point did you become interested in motorcycles?

PAUL: I didn’t become interested in motorcycles until about 18. I was always around them but not that interested. Growing up we always had quads instead of motorcycles but my first motorcycle was a Yamaha RZ 350… it was a 2 stroke. I eventually sold it, but bought another one just like it and still have it to this day.

SWAG: By the time we were all introduced to you on TV you had already developed a keen eye for design and the ability to make your visions reality. What were some key things in your life that brought you to that place and honed those skills and when did you know you had the gift of design or that it would be your life’s passion?

PAUL: I was exposed to motorcycles at such a young age, but again had little interest. I had worked in the steel business for 10 years prior to television and then had the opportunity to have creative freedom with building motorcycles. Only then did I realize my God given creative abilities and started really exploring what I was capable of.

SWAG: OCC got a huge shot in the arm when Discovery began broadcasting a behind the scenes look at your business. How did the relationship between OCC and Discovery begin? Did they approach you guys or did you take the show idea to them?

PAUL: Discovery was looking for a motorcycle reality show on the east coast. They asked the co-executive producer of Survivor to find the show and he looked online, found us and almost immediately we began filming. We had no intention of having a show and we had no idea the phenomenon it would become.

SWAG: In the past 10 years you have designed some of the most recognized custom bikes in the world. Is there one that you are particularly proud of?

PAUL: Always what comes to mind is the Black Widow. It was the first bike for the series and not only is it one of my favorites; it seems to be a huge fan favorite as well.

SWAG: You experienced a tremendous amount of fame at a relatively young age. How has that affected your personal life?

PAUL: The good part about fame is you gain some financial freedom, become a role model and have the ability to have a positive impact on people around the world. Fortunately for me, I’ve lived in the same town all my life so I think that adds to the normalcy. The down side is that you lose your privacy and anonymity.

SWAG: You have worked with your father for a couple of decades. How does it make you feel to be on your own and calling all the shots now?

PAUL: It feels really good to be on my own, in my own company. I still own a part of OCC, so technically I own two companies. With that said there are a tremendous amount of challenges as well as expenses in starting a company, but I’ve been fortunate enough to have some unbelievable clients.

SWAG: Your volatile relationship with your father has been laid out there for anyone with a TV and a cable connection to see. First, how much of the rough side we see on TV is reality and how much of it is edited for the sake of a good show? And second, do you see a time when you might work with your father again? Would you ever consider going back to OCC?

PAUL: In the past our arguments, though always intense, could seem more frequent then they really were due to the obvious desire in production to use every one of them in the show. I wish I could say the fights were staged, but unfortunately that’s not the case and that’s exactly why I can’t see us working together in the same capacity. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I have been forced out of the situation, in spite of my ownership interest. I think my brother Michael said it best when he said, “It would take an act of God to get us back together.”

SWAG: It appeared that you and Vinnie DiMartino had a close relationship. Just out of curiosity do you have contact with him now?

PAUL: Me and Vinnie were very close. We grew up in the same town and went to school together. I see him on occasion, but our relationship is not what it used to be.

SWAG: By the way… the new website looks great. It also looks like a lot of work… it’s very intense!

PAUL: The new website was very time consuming and continues to be time consuming as it is always changing.

SWAG: And speaking of looking great… the new logo is killer! Tell me about the process of developing it.

PAUL: It was important to me for the Paul Jr. Designs logo to be as good, if not better than the OCC logo I created many years ago. The idea behind the logo was to use my new company name, Paul Jr. Designs, and integrate it into the logo itself. I figured the “JR” that makes up the crown would be appropriate because that distinguishes me from my father, even though technically I’m not a junior.  As far as integrating the “JR” into the crown, it took both me and Rachael (Ed Note: Paul’s better half) to figure out how to make that work. I am extremely excited about the new logo and feel like it is diverse enough to be used on a variety of things.

SWAG: The new Coleman 10 Year Anniversary Grill you created is a testament to your skills as an innovative designer and to the fact that those skills are not just limited to motorcycles. How did the Coleman relationship come about and was your approach different with a non-motorcycle project?

PAUL: Being that the idea behind Paul Jr. Designs was to expand my work into new products, the transition from bike to grill was a no brainer. We set out to find a company that had a vision for innovation, and Coleman was that company. With ten years of working with some of the top companies in the world, Coleman is up there with the best of the best and they have been phenomenal to work with. I look forward to future projects with them.

SWAG: For a lot of us, you were and will always be the true talent at OCC. I know you are expanding your horizons with other product and that is way cool… but many would be disappointed if you stay completely away from motorcycles. Will we see a Paul Jr. theme bike one day?

PAUL: First of all thank you. As for custom theme bikes, I can’t wait to build the first PJD blown out custom chopper. I think I will find a nice balance between inventing and innovating products that are both practical and affordable, including building tricked out custom bikes for individuals and corporations. The future is a very exciting thing!

SWAG: Paul, thanks for taking the time to chat. I look forward to seeing what Paul Jr. Designs creates in the future! Any parting words?

PAUL: Thanks so much to the people who have supported me and continue to support me! I hope everyone finds my new company and new direction as exciting as I do.


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Since I live in Music City, USA, the home of country music, and a big portion of my work is music related… I guess you could say I have an interest in Country Music. That’s why I noticed that Harley-Davidson recently posted a YouTube video that highlights the Academy of Country Music’s Chairman’s Ride that took place back in April. The annual event which coincides with the ACM Awards Show and benefits the Lifting Lives Charity brought out a number of big-name stars and this year Willie G. himself even participated. Check out the video below.

Oh, and as a side note… the bike that James Otto is riding (Silver Road Glide with orange wheels) is one that I photographed back in 2008 at a local dealership. A pretty cool, high-dollar one-off…





Every year I look forward to the annual “Spring Thaw Bike Show and Swap Meet” held in Shelbyville, Tennessee and the 2009 version (7th annual) is happening this Saturday April 4th. My buddy Scooter over at Both Barrels Promotions has done a fantastic job of building this show over the years and I hear that this year there will be more bikes and vendors than ever before.

You gotta check it out… there are classes for literally every kind of bike (I’ve never been to any show where they give out more trophy’s) plus the best of show will receive $1,000 cash plus a spot on the cover of a future Thunder Roads Tennessee magazine and… my favorite class… the Low-Buck Chopper class winner will take home $500!

If you are close to Middle Tennessee this weekend, I hope you will come check it out… BTW, I am one of the judges this year so be nice to me! Ha!

For more info visit


Two subjects that I make a point to avoid on my RANT are motorcycle accidents and politics. There are plenty of other sites out there that more than cover both of these subjects and frankly I have no desire to show you pictures of two-wheeled crashes or engage you in the the Obama pros and cons.

Having said all of that, there is a politcal issue that I feel I need to help get the word out about. It seems our Government has once again employed the “ready-fire-aim” process they are famous for and on February 10, 2009 enacted the “Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act” (CPSIA). This act was well intentioned but was passed before it was thought through.

Part of the act is the lead content standards for children six years or older. That’s a good thing if you are talking about toy cars that can be put in the mouth… but a bad thing if you are talking about a 50cc motorcycle.

Because of CPSIA, the small powersports industry has all but been shut down. Thankfully, Missouri State Rep Tom Self is fighting to  save the future of small powersports but your help is needed. A petition has been started to approve a waiver for the small powersports industry.

If you are so inclined, please follow the link below and add your name to the petition. It’s quick and easy and the future of small powersports is at risk.


Below is a video put together by the AMA on the subject. You can also visit their site about this subject by CLICKING HERE.



Man… I am totally pumped that the “Dark Months” are about to come to an end and frankly it’s not a minute too soon. I’ve reached my limit. The weather this winter has been worse than usual in Middle Tennessee and because of that I’ve only put in a little over 500 miles since Thanksgiving. More often than not during that time period my bikes have looked like the picture above… tucked away in the garage and under cover. It’s a horrible feeling for a “Certified Bike Nut” like me but it’s all about to change. Very soon I will be greeted with longer days, warm breezes and sunshine… and my 8 month binge of motorcycle madness a.k.a. “riding season” will bring my intermittently sucky attitude back in check.

I am ready and the bikes are ready too… including their ever finicky batteries. Despite the fact that the batteries in these two bikes have been sitting idle much of the time over the past few months, they have remained fully charged and ready to crank. How can this be you may ask? Easy… A few years ago I discovered the Deltran Battery Tender and have been using them since. If you don’t have one, you should get one. They are around $30 and I’ve seen them on sale for as low as $24. Regardless of how much you pay for one, it is well worth it. The Battery Tender constantly monitors the charge in your battery and if needed trickle charges it back to an appropriate level. That means longer battery life. And it couldn’t be easier to use. All you do attach one end to the battery and the other to a wall plug and let it do its thing. The Battery Tender even comes with a quick disconnect plug (see the last picture) that allows you to plug in and start monitoring in about 60 seconds.

I’m not sure how this RANT turned into a Battery Tender commercial but the bottom line is that if you have a vehicle that is not operated on a daily basis (anything from motorcycles to classic cars to riding lawn mowers and more) you should have one. And if anyone from Battery Tender reads this… feel free to send me product in exchange for this glowing review! Ha!




No time for riding this weekend… too busy for sure… but I did waste some time on-line and found this cool video. It’s called “Motorcycle Reel” and was apparently produced by a company called Fuel360Productions. Lot’s of cool bikes and lots of high profile motorcycle people including the legendary Indian Larry. It even features one of my favorite Cheryl Crow tunes… but my favorite part of this video is the shot of the videographer at about 1:07… good grief man! It’s a quick shot but if you look closely you’ll see that this guy earned his pay on this day!



I got an email from my friend Kelly at Harley-Davidson today. She keeps me up-to-date on the happenings at the Motor-Company and there is something cool going down again. H-D has added a model to the Dark Custom series and it’s called the Iron 883.

Bare bones for sure… this new model is much like a “baby” Nightster… and I like it A LOT! Features include… well not many features! There is lots’s of black, straight cut shorty exhaust, drag bars, solo seat… it’s right up my alley! Basic rat bike looks with modern day conveniences (like Fuel Injection and rubber mounted EVO) and the cool thing is that MSRP is only $7899. I have three words for you… I’m Diggin’ It!

You can check out more about the Iron 883 at

(Photos in today’s RANT courtesy of Harley-Davidson.)



Honda has announced a new bike… but when you see it you will be hard pressed to know it’s a Honda. Looking more like a custom chopper, the 2010 Honda Fury is going to surprise a lot of people when they find out that the company who lives off of Sportbike sales has produced something on the complete opposite edge of the spectrum… and it’s pretty cool!

Here’s what a recent Honda Press Release had to say:

“The Fury taps directly into the passion for riding; this is a machine built for people who have always longed for a chopper-style motorcycle. And for good reason–it’s got to be the ultimate as far as cool factor goes, a bike profile that’s instantly known and recognized. But this is also a chopper with a unique difference: you can simply ride it and enjoy, without all of the costs, compromises and headaches typically attached to such machines.”


Could it be that there is actually a classic looking chopper available with tried and true Honda reliability? Time will tell I guess. According to, the Fury will hit US Dealerships the latter part of March but before then you can catch a look at several Cycle World International Motorcycle Shows around the country.

CLICK HERE to visit the Fury website.

CLICK HERE to check out Honda’s Press Release from 01/16/09.

(Photos in today’s RANT courtesy of Honda.)

PS… Honda has not released an MSRP yet but it is rumored to be under $15K.


blog012009Photo courtesy of Transworld Motocross.

Supercross season is in full swing now and after three weeks of competition there have been some interesting developments. That’s not what this RANT is about… but Supercross does indirectly inspire it. You see, this time of year I read a lot about off road riding and I came across a story not long ago that is worth bringing to my little spotlight.

Most people aren’t aware that there is a Women’s Motocross Association. Yes, girls can race dirt bikes too… and they are darn good at it! But one of these pro racers stands out to me. Not so much for her many accomplishments on the track… but more for the inspiration her life is.

Ashley Fiolek started riding when she was 7 years old. In 2004 she won the 9-13 class on her 85cc Honda at Loretta Lynn’s… the most prestigious amateur event in the nation… and by the time she was 17, she had earned the 2008 WMA Pro National Championship. But all of these accomplishments are magnified when you find out that Ashley is profoundly deaf. Imagine racing at a pro level without being able to hear your bike… relying purely on feel. It is an amazing and completely inspirational story. In life so many times we are prone to say “I can’t” but obviously Ashley has not let her circumstances dictate what she can and can’t do. I applaud her and now consider myself a HUGE Ashley Fiolek fan! Check the video below from RedBull… and you can visit Ashley’s website by CLICKING HERE.



Back on November 25th I RANTed about the Harley-Davidson XR1200. In case you missed it here is what I said…

The XR1200 will soon be available right here in North America. What’s the big deal you may ask? Well, this bike is no ordinary Sportster. It was developed in cooperation with H-D dirt track legends Scott Parker and Rich King and features a 90hp, high torque engine, a cast aluminum swingarm, a cool 2-1-2 exhaust system, Showa suspension, specially designed Dunlops and large dual disc front brake. To summarize… this will be the coolest H-D street fighter ever! Can’t wait to check one out in real life.

Well… today on my lunch break I wandered over to Boswell’s Harley-Davidson in Nashville to check one out… in real life… and I was not disappointed. It’s cool and the fine folks at Boswell’s were kind enough to let me snap a few pics so if you follow the link below you can get an up-close look for yourself.




One of the only things I like about January… is the annual Music City Bike Show held here in Nashville. The 2009 show is this weekend and today I made my way to the Tennessee State Fairgrounds to check it out. All I can say is…. Aghhhhhhhh! It was just what I needed to help beat some of these “Dark Month” blues I’ve been suffering from. Wall to wall bikes, lots of Bikers and tons of fun! Of course, I took the Canon point-and-shoot and got some pics. A couple are posted in this RANT (along with a video) but if you want to see a lot more…  CLICK HERE NOW!





In case you haven’t noticed… the days are getting longer… for real! Think I’m just wishful thinking? Well, you’re wrong! If you Google “Winter Solstice 2008” you will find that the shortest day of the Winter/Summer cycle was indeed December 21st. So, that means that the days will be getting progressively longer and longer between now and June 21st. Whoo hooo! I can almost feel that warm, late-night Spring air on my face right now.

Ok, maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself but cut me some slack man… with the total crud weather we’ve been having here in Middle Tennessee, I’ll take anything I can get that will cast hope on the fact that  the Dark Months will eventually come to an end.

But it’s more than hope. It’s a fact and I find great comfort in knowing that it won’t be all that long until temps are in the ’70’s and ’80’s, the sun is staying out until 8:30 or 9:00 at night and I’m riding ’til my heart is content. Ahhhh… I cant’ wait! Until then, I’ll keep riding as much as I can, keep my nose in the Cycle magazines and count the days until March 1st… the official end of the Dark Months!


blog010409aThe January 2009 issue  of Thunder Roads Tennessee is now available. This month my article features images I shot at the 2008 Redneck Rumble. If you live in Tennessee, be sure to pick up a copy. You can find Thunder Roads Tennessee at most motorcycle shops across the state… and they are absolutely FREE!

And speaking of the Redneck Rumble… if you have not been to it,  you are missing one of the best old-school/RAT, car/motorcycle shows in the mid-south. It happens in Lebanon, Tennessee every Fall and is put on by my buddy Scooter over at Both Barrels Promotions. Watch this RANT later this year for details on the 2009 Red Neck Rumble or check out for the latest details. BBP also promotes one of the best bike show/swap meets around each Spring called the Spring Thaw. That show is held in Shelbyville, TN. and will take place this year on April 4th… so all you Tennessean’s, make plans now to attend.

BTW… if you want a better look at some  my pics of the Redneck Rumble, plus a short video… CLICK HERE NOW.

Pics of last years Spring Thaw can be seen by CLICKING HERE NOW.



Happy New Year people! Here’s wishing you and yours a great 2009… and in case you missed all the jumping fun last night…check out the vids below. Robbie Knievel jumped his man made volcano at the Mirage in Vegas and shortly thereafter… Robbie Maddison jumped 10 stories straight up… and then back down at Paris Las Vegas.