As I get older I find reading to be more and more enjoyable and over the past five years I’ve probably read more books than I did my entire life before that. Subjects vary but a good portion of the books I read are motorcycle related.

There is one motorcycling author in particular that I have wanted to read for some time. His name is Neil Peart and besides being a motorcyclist, he also happens to be the drummer in one of the most successful rock & roll bands of all time… RUSH. Given my musical background (and current-ground.. haha) and my love of riding… I think “Roadshow… A Concert Tour By Motorcycle” will be right up my alley. I grabbed it at Barnes & Noble tonight and will be diving in soon. I’ll let you know how it is.



Last night, while on a date with my lovely wife, I stopped in the local Barnes and Noble to see if I could find anything interesting to read. I just finished Brian “Head” Welches book “Save Me From Myself” a couple days ago and was sort of in the mood to go back to another motorcycle related book. I’ve read all of Sonny Barger’s books and a few others so I wasn’t holding out hope that I would find anything… but after running a search on the in-store laptop, I discovered a new (copyright 2009) book entitled “No Angel” by a former ATF agent by the name of Jay Dobyns. I read a similar book a few years ago called “Under and Alone” by William Queen (cop infiltrates MC) so I wasn’t real excited… but since it was all I could find (and it was tagged 20% off)… I grabbed it. I’ll let you know how it is when I’m finished.

BTW… Anybody get my joke in the title of this RANT?