66 Stepside


A beautiful day in Middle Tennessee dictated that I take the Stepside for a lazy afternoon drive. It was quite a treat, and ended up being the longest trek I’ve made since the truck came back from paint. And… it certainly got some attention. While I was out, I got a lot of turned heads, 4 thumbs up… and a purchase inquiry. I stopped in the local grocery store and as I was getting out of the truck a guy approached me and asked if the truck was for sale. When I told him it was not, he explained that his dad had a ’66 and that he really would like to have one. I know the feeling brother!

BTW… the truck now has a name. My wife (and daughter) have had this habit of naming our vehicles over the years. Everything from Raymond to Brownie have been in the family. Well, for whatever reason, the 66 Stepside has been designated as Otis by my beautiful wife. I’m not sure why… but Otis it is!




It’s been a crazy weekend here in my world. I’ve felt like I have been spinning my wheels all weekend long but looking back now, I did get some cool things accomplished on the Stepside. First of all, I got the battery box drilled and the new hold-down bracket installed. No more battery flopping around. And dig those new, shiny post screws!

Then there’s the biggie. I found a smokin’ hot deal on a set of Cooper 235/75/15. Finally, the tire search is over and I was able to maintain my tight-wad reputation!

Of course, the lug-nuts I had on the old “bullet hole” wheels would not work with the Rally’s, so I had to spring for a new set of chrome, capped lug-nuts.

And, I love the results! I’m totally diggin’ the white Rally’s and putting the same size tires on all four corners has improved the stance a lot. Now, the question is, do I lower the whole truck or leave it at stock height? Hmmmm, just have to see I guess.



We were blessed with some beautiful 80 degree weather today in Middle Tennessee, and it provided the opportunity I have been waiting for to do a little painting. This is what my front bumper and rally wheels looked like at the beginning of the day.

Towards the end of they day, they looked more like this.

Wheels before… and after.

…and the bumper installed!

Here’s how it sits at the end of the day. I can’t wait to get the ’80s “bullet mags” off and the Ralley’s on.



Now that the ’66 Stepside is back from paint, it’s time to get on with the “little” things. Wheels, tires and bumpers will come later… but today I installed some small parts I had ordered a while back. One of the few problems with this truck when I bought it, was the rattling window glass and metal to metal sound that shook the world when you shut the doors too hard. It sounded like they were coming off their hinges! A quick scan of the LMC catalog revealed the answers to both problems.

These door bumpers were missing on both sides so getting new ones installed made a big difference…

… and these window inserts (also known as a “rattle kit”) resolved the window issue.

You can see by the example below that the ones I took out (on the left) had little to no pad left on them… and obviously were well past the time of replacement.



My buddy Scooter has been pretty busy this week… workin’ on the ’66 Stepside paint job for me. I helped a little with the sanding , earlier in the week, but he’s done all the real work. I couldn’t be happier with how it’s turning out. The red/white color scheme is gonna be way-cool. I can’t wait to get this thing on the road. Once he finishes with the paint, I’ll start on all the small things that a mere layman like myself can do! (Thank God I have good friends with real talent!) Man, this thing is actually happening… I never thought it would… but it’s actually getting to where I envisioned it.



On a rainy Sunday in October… a little more got completed on the ’66 Stepside. Thank God I have a buddy that is willing to share his skills while I stand around taking pictures. Ha! The fender patches are looking fantastic. No more holes!

Next… it was time to tackle the roof. This is what it looked like when I got it. I’m thinking the Previous Owner used some sort of bed liner spray. It had a weird texture.

After sanding… it looked like this.

First coat of primer down.

…and that’s when the battery in my Canon died! These last 2 pics were taken with a cheapo camera phone. Hope you get the idea… the Stepside now has a nice, clean, white hairdo! Gonna be a nice accent to the eventually red cab.



Sparks were flying today! If you are wondering why… check out the photo HERE. My bud Scooter cut out the bad parts and welded in the good parts. Here’s a shot after the passenger-side fender-ectomy.

The fender patches from LMC were a little inconsistent but Scooter is a talented dude… and made them fit like a glove. Below is the passenger-side patch tacked into place.

Here’s the drivers-side patch completed. Gonna look great!