A beautiful day in Middle Tennessee dictated that I take the Stepside for a lazy afternoon drive. It was quite a treat, and ended up being the longest trek I’ve made since the truck came back from paint. And… it certainly got some attention. While I was out, I got a lot of turned heads, 4 thumbs up… and a purchase inquiry. I stopped in the local grocery store and as I was getting out of the truck a guy approached me and asked if the truck was for sale. When I told him it was not, he explained that his dad had a ’66 and that he really would like to have one. I know the feeling brother!

BTW… the truck now has a name. My wife (and daughter) have had this habit of naming our vehicles over the years. Everything from Raymond to Brownie have been in the family. Well, for whatever reason, the 66 Stepside has been designated as Otis by my beautiful wife. I’m not sure why… but Otis it is!


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