It’s been a crazy weekend here in my world. I’ve felt like I have been spinning my wheels all weekend long but looking back now, I did get some cool things accomplished on the Stepside. First of all, I got the battery box drilled and the new hold-down bracket installed. No more battery flopping around. And dig those new, shiny post screws!

Then there’s the biggie. I found a smokin’ hot deal on a set of Cooper 235/75/15. Finally, the tire search is over and I was able to maintain my tight-wad reputation!

Of course, the lug-nuts I had on the old “bullet hole” wheels would not work with the Rally’s, so I had to spring for a new set of chrome, capped lug-nuts.

And, I love the results! I’m totally diggin’ the white Rally’s and putting the same size tires on all four corners has improved the stance a lot. Now, the question is, do I lower the whole truck or leave it at stock height? Hmmmm, just have to see I guess.



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