Maybe you are getting tired of posts about my truck? Sorry! I can’t help it This project is in full swing now and I am super-excited! And… I feel really blessed to have good friends who are good at this stuff… and more importantly, willing to help out. Here’s what went down today:

The hood that came on the truck was a mess. Nearly the entire front and right side were nothing but body putty so a replacement was in order. We pulled the old one off and put the replacement on. I never thought this job would be possible with just 2 guys but somehow we managed. Below is an example of why it needed to be swapped out.

Here’s the replacement hood installed. BTW, that is red oxide primer on it… not the “red” the truck will end up as.

And… below is a picture telling the tale of why the rear portions of the front fenders will need replacing. Whoooweee!

Next up… was getting the bed primed.

So… what color is this truck going to be anyway? What? Ford RED!!!! Yep… ‘fraid so. My buddy Scooter “con”vinced me that it was the best red to use. Hmmm… I think he pulled one over on me.

Well… maybe he is right… looks pretty rich.

Too late now…

OK… I have to admit… this is going to look killer… and just how I had hoped. Just don’t tell anyone my Chevy truck has FORD paint on it!


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