Good grief it’s hot! I’m talking all-time-high, record setting temperatures for the Nashville area. So… unfortunately, I didn’t get near as much done on the truck this weekend as I had intended. Still, it’s a start. For starters, I yanked out the seat and cleaned things up a bit. I’m happy to report that no weak spots or surprise holes were found. The truck is pretty solid.

Since I’m not sure when it was done last… I went ahead and dropped in new plugs and plug wires. At least now I know when they were changed last and can monitor them going forward. Don’t those new wires look spiffy!

The groovy ’80s wheels that came on the truck have lock nuts but guess what? The PO had no key, so I had to use some backyard ingenuity to get them off. (I’d tell you how but then I’d be contributing to you delinquency.) These wheels will be gone soon with “steelies” taking their place.

Once I got the lock nuts off, I pulled the wheels and did a visual inspection of the drum brakes. All-in-all they are in pretty decent shape but there are a couple issues I’ll be dealing with pronto.

One of the first things I noticed about this truck when I looked at it was that the bed seemed to be loose. Upon further inspection, I discovered that there were only 2 bolts in place to secure it. I got the bed bolted down with new bolts. Look close and you can see a few of them.

Stay tuned… The fun is just beginning!



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