This post has nothing to do with motorcycles… but I did ride the Sporty to the airport this morning… if that counts. I had a great time hangar flying with the local airport bums. Here are a few of my favorite fly-in aircraft. The first one is a 1948 Ryan Navion, owned by a local pilot that I’ve known for some time. This guy is a retired engineer and has restored this airplane to an extreme level. It’s like new… and affectionately named “Ar Farce One” with appropriate color scheme. I actually got to fly this airplane a few years ago, on a short jump to Alabama and back.

This airplane below is one of my all-time favorites. It’s made by American Champion Aircraft and the model name is Citabria. They named it that because if you spell it backwards it spells Airbatic. Yes, this aircraft is certified for acrobatic flight! Rolls, loops and the like. There is a local company who rents one of these. One of these days I hope to get some time in it.

And finally… to the untrained eye, this might look like a vintage Piper Cub. Well, it is a Cub, but it’s not vintage. It’s brand new! You can still purchase these babies. Check out the panel. Mr. Piper sure didn’t envision that for the original Cubs!


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