I went to the local cruise in tonight… (yes, this is another car show post!) … and when I do, I am always on the lookout for Chevy and GMC trucks from 1961 to 1966. I don’t know why, but that body style speaks to me. One day I shall own one… oh yes, I shall! In the mean time, I’ll just have to drool over those that belong to others… like this 62 model. Straight six, three-on-the-tree… what could be better? Well, maybe a short box, but other than that, this truck is pretty dang perfect, in my book. Maybe a little too perfect even. Check the last photo below… same body style, but a little more ratty. Love it!

And now… the not as perfect example, but maybe even cooler!

Wanna see more pics from this show? Click on the Facebook link below. I just posted more there.


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