I was recently on a poker run with some people I didn’t know. One of the guys I rode with was on a Goldwing… possibly the quietest bike on the planet… who upon arriving at our final stop said to me, “I understand why you wear those earplugs… those pipes are loud!” Now… why he kept riding right behind me all day if he had a problem with my pipes is another story, but for the record… I don’t wear earplugs because of exhaust pipe noise. First of all, my pipes are not all that loud (this guy should ride behind some of my buddy’s) and secondly, they dump out well behind my ears. Nope, it’s not the loud pipes but rather the hearing damage from wind noise that I choose to protect myself from. The constant “white noise” created by the non-stop wind, while riding, is pretty dangerous and the reason why I wear earplugs EVERY time I ride. In fact, I never leave home without them. The good news is that just a few weeks ago I had an electronic hearing test administered by an FAA examiner. My hearing is excellent… thanks in part to my little orange friends above… and I plan to keep it that way. If you don’t ride with earplugs, you should consider doing so.


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