Last weekend I picked up a ratty old DOT helmet at a swap meet for three dollars. Tonight I transformed it into a one-of-a-kind… well, uh… ratty old helmet! First I pulled the inner shell and removed the disgusting liner. Next, off came the trim ring.

Next, I covered the entire helmet with masking tape to draw my “design” onto.

After carefully cutting my design out with a razor blade… or everywhere I wanted to paint green…

…I next peeled off my tape for all the soon-to-be green areas.

Then I painted, peeled off the leftover tape and re-applied the helmet trim ring.

Then I added a decal to add some pizazz and hide my sloppy work…

…and finally re-lined it with a bandana I had laying around.

Here’s the paint and glue I used. (Glue was for attaching bandana liner.)

Yeah… It’s sloppy and goofy looking but I like it. Total cost… less that $15


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