Here’s another update on my Sporty project. I know I’m bombarding you with these lately but I’m trying to make some progress before I have to get back to the grind next week. Actually, I had hoped to get a couple things done today but Murphy set in and I had a few problems. I made some really dumb mistakes but I guess that’s part of the fun of doing it yourself… right??? The most costly one was when I inadvertently rounded off the head of the bleeder screw while I was bleeding the line. (The previous guy got it started!) No biggie I guess since I was able to pick up a replacement piece from the local H-D dealership for $5.52.

After I got the problem resolved I decided it was time to test out the Biltwell Frisco bars and see just how they felt. I shot a video, and though it is pretty poor quality, it does give a pretty good picture (if you look close) of the new riding position. This was the best part of the day and got my blood pumping to get this sucker done. I’m lovin’ the Friscos!

The worst part of the day kind of blind-sided me however. Some of the tools I’ve been using on this project were my dads. I’ve been doing pretty good dealing with his passing but for some reason at one point when I looked at those tools today I had a melt down. My friend Eric, who lost his dad last year, told me that I needed to cry and cry often as part of the grieving process. Well.. today I took your advice Eric. I miss you dad and I wish you were here to help me with this.

More updates to come…


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