This weekend I attended a local air show and to take advantage of the “close-up” parking, I rode the Sporty. As the day was winding down, and the crowd was awaiting a stunning performance by the United States Air Force Thunderbirds, I decided I would have a seat on the Sporty to take a load off and have a leg up on the departing traffic. Not long after I sat down, I noticed a man approaching with his four-year-old son. The man asked if I minded if his son looked at my motorcycle and of course I was more than happy to accommodate the little guy… especially when I saw his eyes light up. He must of said the word “motorcycle” 10 times in the first 2 minutes. Then he whispered something to his dad that I couldn’t hear. His dad sheepishly told me he wanted to hear it and laughed it off but when I said I’d be glad to start it his dad got a big grin on his face… but the bigger grin came from the son when the Sporty cranked over. Talk about a kid in a candy store. After I shut it off and heard the word motorcycle about 10 more times the dad thanked me and started to walk off. That’s when the tears started to fall. This kid was genuinely distraught that he was having to leave the motorcycle. They stayed a little longer and then the scene was repeated. Despite the dads pleading to go watch the Thunderbirds, the son wanted none of it. The dad thanked me again and I watched them walk, the son crying, until they were out of sight. I hated that he was upset but to be honest, meeting that little guy made my day. I distinctly remember seeing a motorcycle at about that age and the passion for two wheels it cultivated. This little dude obviously has the passion for motorcycles built in already but I hope my few minutes with him made a memory that will last a lifetime.

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