September is one of my favorite months for a few reasons. First, I can finally hop on my bike in Middle Tennessee and ride a fair distance without my brain becoming scrambled eggs from the 100+ degree heat… second, the NFL season kicks off and I still have hope that the Kansas City Chiefs may have a decent year… and third, the Redneck Rumble!

The first two I’m sure you can relate to but you may not know what the Redneck Rumble is. No, it’s not a bunch of hillbilly’s knocking each other out with moonshine jugs… it’s just one of the baddest car and bike shows with some of the coolest people anywhere in the country. Most of what you see at this show is projects built by their owners, in their own backyards. with their own hands… and the best parts they could come up with. NO TRAILER QUEENS!

My buddy Scooter over at www.BothBarrelsPromotions.com always does a great job putting this show together and this year was no exception. Record turn-out made for a great day! Here are a few pics but you can view a ton more if you CLICK HERE.

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