If you have followed this blog for long you know that I have affectionately named the time between November 1st and March 1st (when weather sucks, days are short and riding opportunities are few and far between) The Dark Months. I hate The Dark Months with a passion and struggle each year to survive them… but today I am clinging to five things to help me through this motorcycle-awful time…

1 – It’s a fact. As of today, December 21st, the days physically start getting longer each day. Yes!!! Before you know it, we will have daylight until 8:30PM… well not for a while but we have started our earthly tilt in the right direction.

2 – One word… SUPERCROSS! The most exciting motorcycle racing on the planet starts in less than 3 weeks. Things kick off on January 9th at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, CA and a preview show will air on CBS this Saturday December 26th at 2:30PM ET. I can’t wait. The weather may be frightful but starting next month my Sundays will be heating up when my man James Stewart goes for the 2010 AMA Supercross Championship!

3 – Three words… Sucker Punch Sally’s. Nothing warms my motorcycle heart more than a tasty old-school specimen and SPS are the kings. My bike may sit in the garage under cover right now but with www.suckerpunchsallys.com I can escape to motorcycle heaven.

4 – NFL Playoffs. Well, it’s not riding but it is pretty exciting… and takes my mind off the crap weather for a few hours.

5 – And finally… I just scored another interview with a major industry player for the blog that I think you will like. I hope to get everything finalized and posted in the next few weeks so be looking for it. CLICK HERE to see my last interview.

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