For those of you that don’t know… Smokeout is arguably the premier old-school, low-buck chopper rally in the US. It’s all about real guys building and customizing bikes with their own hands… and oh yeah, they actually ride them. Nope, you won’t find any Easter Egg paint jobs on these baby’s and there aren’t any garage decorations among them. In fact, some are downright ugly… which makes them even cooler!


Interestingly enough, the rally actually takes place in two places. The first event is in Cottonwood, Arizona and the second, a week later, in Rockingham, North Carolina. But maybe the coolest part is that many of these guys make the trip from AZ to NC on the very bikes I am talking about. They call the trip the Long Road and it is happening this week.

As luck would have it… the route brought the Long Road riders through Nashville and although I didn’t get to go down for the party last night, I did stop by the host hotel this morning to grab a few pics. It was raining hard and there were just a few awake but I spent some time wandering around and enjoying this way cool group of motorcycles.


You can follow the link below to see a bunch more pictures… and if any of you guys from the ride are reading this… I am the guy who was walking around in the pouring rain taking pictures of your bikes this morning.



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  1. Sigh…if only….I would have loved to be there…said hey to Bandit…it’s been three years since we had a face to face….miss him and Layla….

    May 16, 2009 at 8:26 AM

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