Just a couple of days ago I RANTed about the Suzuki Gladius (along with 4 other bikes) and today when I got home from the office, the latest edition of Cycle World was waiting for me (yes I still read magazines) and what should appear in one of their features? The Suzuki Gladius of course. The article, by David Edwards, answers more of my questions about this cool little bike.

As it turns out, the Gladius is indeed replacing the ever popular SV650 but seems to improve upon it by: replacing the old aluminum frame with a tubular-steel trellis (think Ducati Monster), offering a 1.7″ lower seat, adding an impressive 6 more foot-pounds of torque… and a lot more.

It remains to be seen if Suzuki has taken too much of a gamble in replacing the lineup staple SV650 but one thing is sure… they are banking a lot on the Gladius. They are even taking a non-traditional approach to marketing the bike in an effort to reach beyond the walls of the dealership. One of my Twitter buddies turned me on to the new Gladius website and if you check it out, you will see what I mean. If you buy into their pitch… The Gladius is not just a motorcycle… it’s a Lifestyle! You can even download songs tailored to the color of your bike. (No… really!)


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