Man… I am totally pumped that the “Dark Months” are about to come to an end and frankly it’s not a minute too soon. I’ve reached my limit. The weather this winter has been worse than usual in Middle Tennessee and because of that I’ve only put in a little over 500 miles since Thanksgiving. More often than not during that time period my bikes have looked like the picture above… tucked away in the garage and under cover. It’s a horrible feeling for a “Certified Bike Nut” like me but it’s all about to change. Very soon I will be greeted with longer days, warm breezes and sunshine… and my 8 month binge of motorcycle madness a.k.a. “riding season” will bring my intermittently sucky attitude back in check.

I am ready and the bikes are ready too… including their ever finicky batteries. Despite the fact that the batteries in these two bikes have been sitting idle much of the time over the past few months, they have remained fully charged and ready to crank. How can this be you may ask? Easy… A few years ago I discovered the Deltran Battery Tender and have been using them since. If you don’t have one, you should get one. They are around $30 and I’ve seen them on sale for as low as $24. Regardless of how much you pay for one, it is well worth it. The Battery Tender constantly monitors the charge in your battery and if needed trickle charges it back to an appropriate level. That means longer battery life. And it couldn’t be easier to use. All you do attach one end to the battery and the other to a wall plug and let it do its thing. The Battery Tender even comes with a quick disconnect plug (see the last picture) that allows you to plug in and start monitoring in about 60 seconds.

I’m not sure how this RANT turned into a Battery Tender commercial but the bottom line is that if you have a vehicle that is not operated on a daily basis (anything from motorcycles to classic cars to riding lawn mowers and more) you should have one. And if anyone from Battery Tender reads this… feel free to send me product in exchange for this glowing review! Ha!



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