Things are still pretty brown in Middle Tennessee but it was still a beautiful day for a ride.

When I woke up this morning something seemed a bit odd… out of order if you will. At some point in the wee hours my room had been filled with a warm glow. I had seen it before… yet it was somewhat of a mystery. But then it hit me… Could it be? Was this really happening? As I struggled to shake my half-awake state and enter the land of the living, I stumbled to the window to discover that yes… it was indeed true! My old friend Mr. Sun had paid an early morning visit to Middle Tennessee. I had not seen him on a Saturday in so long that I barely recognized him… but I was glad he was here! So much so that I spent 60 miles basking in him on top of a Harley-Davidson Electra Glide. And a ride through the country in the heavenly sunshine followed by a visit to the local H-D Dealer was just what I needed to lift my Dark Months funk… at least temporarily. On Monday they are forecasting snow! Arghhhhhh!


I love “old” buildings. This one is in Lascassas, Tennessee.


A visit to local dealer Bumpus Harley-Davidson gave me the chance to catch up with some old riding buddies… and it also scored me a free lunch!

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