This morning the thermometer on my deck read 32 degrees. Not exactly great riding weather but since it had been about two weeks since I had started either of the two-wheelers, I had no choice but to brave the elements and go for a spin. How was it you ask? Freakin’ cold! I cannot wait until the end of the Dark Months!

Some of you have asked… “What are the Dark Months?” so let me explain for the newbees. The Dark Months is a label I have given the period from November 1st through February 28th in Middle Tennessee when the days are short, temps are cold, precip chances are high, the sky is mostly overcast and good riding weather days are few and far between. I struggle each year to get through this period and March 1st becomes an obsession of mine… as the official end of the dark months. I shouldn’t let it effect me so much but what can I say… it does. The Dark Months suck man!

One response

  1. rubenandjoann

    Hello Brother,

    Thanks for your blog and for stopping by Better Motorcycling. I am one of three motor officers for our department and the only CRAZY one that will ride throughout the winter. Yes, being crazy is not a requirement but it sure helps.

    Keep it upright!


    January 28, 2009 at 8:26 AM

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