1Last night I headed south out of Nashville to the town that country music star Miranda Lambert shot her video “Famous in a Small Town” in. But Shelbyville, Tennessee is not just the video home to the girl who gave us huge hits like “Kerosene”, “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” and “Famous in a Small Town”… it is also home to the Calsonic Arena which among other things hosts a Victory Sports Indoor Motocross event each January.

Sorry Miranda but on this night your small town belonged to Motocross racers. And there were all types. I saw races with guys, girls, 4 year olds, 40+ year olds and every age group in between. There were even ATV (4-wheeler) races. It was an awesome event and I can’t say enough what a fantastic job Victory Sports did in presenting a family oriented fun event.

Of course there is more to this than just fun. The riders in the PRO classes, coming from all over the mid-south, are most definitely out to WIN and there were some great finishes in these classes that left no doubt about it. You can check out the series point standings at www.victory-sports.com if you are interested. On this night Robbie Horton grabbed the top of the podium in the 450 Pro Class and Chris Osborne narrowly got the victory in the 250 Pro Class. To borrow from Miranda… those 2 guys were definitely “Famous in a Small Town” last night!


I had intended to get a bunch of pictures but in a bonehead move… I forgot to charge up the batteries to my Canon. I fired two shots (posted here) and that was it! But here’s an idea… instead of looking at my non-existent pictures, go check out a local MX event for yourself. I promise you will have a great time!


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