So… I have gotten several emails recently asking why I have not been RANTing… and there’s a couple reasons why. First, I have been super busy lately and finding the time to sit down and try and construct anything remotely interesting has been more than a challenge. Second, and I’m embarrassed to say this but… I have not been on a motorcycle in over a month! Sad isn’t it? The weather in Nashville has been colder than usual this Fall and that combined with a busy schedule and 4:50pm sunset has taken a huge bite out of my riding time. Hence… not much to RANT about.

But all of this is about to change… because I’ve decided to face winter head on and fight back. In fact I started fighting back today. I got both bikes out of hibernation and rode them each a few miles. So I’m back in the saddle. Plus I am pretty jacked that the Supercross Season starts on January 3rd in Anaheim! All this to say… I’M BACK!



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